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After graduating from Jiyu Gakuen Men's High School, he started his professional activities and experienced performance activities at live houses and concerts in Tokyo. After that, he worked as a composer, recording arranger, pianist, keyboardist, and producer. Recording with artists of a wide range of genres such as Masaki Ueda, Tokiko Kato, Ken Tanaka, Baijaku Nakamura, Salena Jones, etc., working on stage support, composition, arrangement, etc., music production and appearance of TV / movie / radio programs, etc. Widely used in.

As an individual activity, he released four solo piano albums from a major label. Received high praise as a healing music work that expresses the beauty of the piano to the limit.

In 2006, he released a piano trio album, and since then he has created original works and released more than 10 CDs including compilations to date. On February 23, 2011, the album "Cafe Standard Piano" HANI from WARNER MUSIC INC. Has been released for download on the iTunes Store and ranked 5th on the iTunes Store Jazz Top Album Chart.

Also, in August 2015, he performed a solo piano concert at the Shinjuku Bunka Center Large Hall, and he is also active in live performances. Recently, Head Hunters bassist Paul Jackson, RUFUS leader and guitarist Tony Maiden. Grammy Award-winning singer Gordon Chambers has also been well received on the Japan tour.


Since 2019, he has been energetically engaged in the activities of "Tomoharu Hani Trio +1 (Funky & Melodious)", which develops activities centered on a unique musical style that incorporates a wide range of musicality based on jazz that has been continued until then. ..


November 25, 2020 Released new CD album "Moon Tone".

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